photography education for parents

2-hr Workshop: How to take memorable photos of your kids

Learn practical tips to take more thoughtful, artistic photographs of your kids. 

This intro to documentary family photography class is geared toward parents who are interested in taking better unposed photographs of their kids. This is NOT a technical class; we will not discuss camera settings, exposure control, or editing. Instead we will go over the 3 components of great pictures and talk through some of the techniques we can use. 

Bring a camera! We will have group activities with feedback.

1:1 mentoring for parents

You bought a fancy camera and are excited to take great pictures of your kids. But you can barely find the time to figure out how to use it! This is where I come in...

I offer in-person and skype-based mentoring for parents, talking you through:

* how to use your camera
* elements of exposure and techniques
* tips specific to photographing babies, kids, and teens
* non-technical ways to improve your pictures
* which camera/lenses are best for your needs
* how to edit & store your photos

I typically recommend at least 1 hour in person before you move to phone- if you choose to do so.

In-person Mentoring $110/hr
Skype/phone-based Mentoring $70/hr

I am happy to customize your learning to your needs. Let's talk about where you want to start! 

2-hr online critique

You have been practicing a good bit and would like feedback, in order to improve your technique.

Present 20-30 of your favorite images, and I will provide constructive criticism. We will talk about what you are doing right, and what you can focus your improvement on. 

This critique is done online via skype. I will request you send over your images ahead of time so that I can prepare- making the most of your 2 hours!


make it easy!

I offer 1:1 mentoring as well as periodic workshops for parents. Contact me for more information!

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