Artist Statement


I photograph emotion. Taking a documentary artistic approach, I use a very light editing touch. I want to show you yourself as you present it, not invent the scene myself. I want to create works of art out of candid moments. 

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I am currently working on The Energy Project.

To me a still landscape photograph does not always manage to capture the intensity of a city's energy or the hum of nature the way it does the spirit of human being and interaction and soul so well. I felt challenged to find a way to overcome this limitation; this was the impetus for the energy project.

I began to paint movement into my images, often using long exposures from 1/2 sec to 5 seconds (ICM) over multiple exposures. My ultimate goal with every image is to leave an impression, an awareness of the energy I felt in the moment I created it. I want to create dreamscapes, both beautiful and thought-provoking, that feel like impressionistic paintings or compelling abstracts. 


Pamela Anticole is a professional photographer best known for her unique take on energetic landscape photography as well as her blended fine art approach to documentary event coverage. She also experiments with jewelry making (metal forming, vitreous enameling, chemical etching) and creates wearable art inspired by her landscape photographs. 

A Pittsburgh, PA native, Pamela discovered the photography medium in the late 1990's in State College, PA. Living in New York City and Los Angeles, CA afforded her the opportunity to photograph both film and commercial actors but her career took direction when she transitioned to the digital medium and began photographing weddings in 2005. Her stint in news photojournalism at the Valley News Dispatch heavily influenced both her personal and contract work. 

In 2007 Pamela was inspired by a conversation with a self-taught jewelry artist whose work she admired at a Los Angeles arts festival, and she began to create her own wearable art inspired by her photography, taking classes to learn skills as required for each piece. 

More recently she has focused on creating more intentional personal bodies of work, such as The Energy Project photography collection and the 35mm jewelry line. 


The Energy Project

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