i’m not just a photographer.

The oldest of 6 kids, I embraced babysitting... even recruiting some neighborhood friends for a Babysitters Club modeled after the book series I loved. So when I was expecting my own child for the first time 8 years ago, I felt incredibly prepared- totally knew what to expect! (Newsflash: I was totally wrong.)

I have four kids and I'm figuring out this parenthood thing as I go, becoming a better mother as I become a better person. Taking pictures is my personal mindfulness exercise. It helps me pay attention. Between that and a little energy boost (caffeine or a run!), I'm doing just fine. 

I'm not a perfect mom, but I try. And my kids seem to love me, so I must be doing something right. ;)

About Me

I grew up playing on the Aspinwall streets here in Pittsburgh, until the streetlights came on... so I can hold my own with rollerblades, bikes, and a basketball.

I've been a pro photographer for 15 years- and still loving it! This is about 15 times longer than I've been interested in any other activity, ever. 

I feel a constant urge to create. My favorite tool is my camera, though I experiment with metalwork, drawing, and watercolors. I see light and composition everywhere. I have sold my work at Three Rivers Arts Festival downtown. 

My very big family laughs. a. LOT. You may think I'm a laid-back extrovert, but I'm neither. 

Give me ALL of the adrenaline. 

I believe art should take a stance and, hopefully, evoke change. 

I think different is the MOST INTERESTING.

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