i’m not just a photographer.

I had a crush on photography long before I realized I could make a career out of it. I photographed headshots while working a 9-5er, and wandered the NYC streets on my lunch hour watching and photographing whatever interested me at the moment. And treasured the magic of developing those images in my darkroom. 

And then in 2004 I photographed a wedding, and I was hooked. So I quit said full time job, started working as a stringer at the newspaper, and built up a thriving wedding business. There's nothing like documenting all the love of a wedding day! 

Everything changed again in 2011 when my spouse and I had our first child. In raising my kiddos, I found so much more to photograph than joy- there was also angst and silliness and creativity and oh so much humor! My favorite photographs of my kids were so different than what I was seeing on social media and from other photographers. They were perfectly imperfect, often with messy house and grumpy kids. They were weird, abstract, or thought-provoking. They told simple stories of our unique life. They contained memories. They were nostalgic. 

THIS is the gift I want to give to all my clients. Because we only have our little ones for a few precious years, years that are REALLY hard to appreciate while we're in them. And years that we achingly miss once they're done. I want to bottle up those memories for parents. 

I have four kids and I'm figuring out this parenthood thing as I go, becoming a better mother as I become a better person. I get in front of the camera, too. I wrestle with mom insecurities and the shame of imperfection. And then I give myself grace. 

Let's stop pretending we have it together all the time. 

I'm not a perfect mom, but I try. And my kids seem to love me, so I must be doing something right! ;)

xo, Pamela

About Me

I grew up playing on the Aspinwall streets here in Pittsburgh, until the streetlights came on... so I can hold my own with rollerblades, bikes, and a basketball.

I've been a professional photographer for over 15 years- and still loving it! This is about 15 times longer than I've been interested in any other activity, ever. 

My very big family laughs. a. LOT. You may think I'm a laid-back extrovert, but I'm neither. 

I had a love affair with film long before I realized that photography could become my career. Now I am heading back to my first crush, building a pinhole camera with my kids and shooting on 4x5 film. 

Give me ALL of the adrenaline. 

I feel a constant urge to create. My favorite tool is my camera, though I experiment with metalwork, drawing, and watercolors. I see light and composition everywhere. I have sold my work at Three Rivers Arts Festival downtown. 

I believe art should take a stance and, hopefully, evoke change. 

I think different is the MOST INTERESTING.

Chelsea Garlock
Chelsea Garlock
15:37 11 Nov 19
The mini session experience we had with Pamela was perfect. The photographer took extra time to get wonderful shots of my family. We have young kids and it can be tricky, but my husband and I were in love with the photos we received. Such a pleasant surprise to have a ton of photos to choose from! Pamela also helped edit out an injury that was visibly in some photos, which I truly appreciate. She’s very helpful, kind, talented, and great with kids.
Li Yen Ng
Li Yen Ng
05:45 01 Nov 19
Wee Chuan and I had a great experience during our engagement shoot with Pamela. She was able to give us really useful prompts to make us feel comfortable. We had so much fun that at some moments we almost forgot that we had a photographer shooting us :) Her enthusiasm shines through her work and the photo outcome was amazing too! The photos were natural and rich with emotions. Definitely recommend Pamela if you are looking for a casual, fun, relaxing and candid session :)
Elana Somple
Elana Somple
17:41 27 Sep 19
Pamela Anticole is an amazing photographer! I've known Pam for a couple of years and was always impressed with her photographs - especially of her children and family. Since I'm normally the one taking pictures of my own kiddos, I have very few of me WITH my kids...so I asked Pam to do a Real Life session for me. It was so much fun to have Pam spend an afternoon with us. She really captured the kid's personalities and craziness - and the pictures are perfect!
Jenna Pudis
Jenna Pudis
00:29 27 Sep 19
If you want beautiful family photos that capture the personality of your family, then I highly recommend Pamela. Our family had fun during our mini session with her and it showed in our photos! No fake or forced smiles here and we never felt rushed or awkward. She took time beforehand to ask what my kids liked and what would make them feel more comfortable and then played music during our shoot, too! My son was grumpy at first, and somehow, in the end, we have amazing photos of him laughing and smiling. What makes Pamela so special, though, is that we also have photos of the rest of family trying to comfort him with sweet snuggles and quiet whispers of encouragement. She truly has an eye for capturing those special little moments and connections between people that could so easily go unnoticed. I’m so grateful that Pamela shares her talent and would recommend her to anyone!
Jennifer Kennedy
Jennifer Kennedy
15:52 24 Jul 19
Pamela was exactly who I was looking for in an event photographer to capture my parents' special day. Her photo documentary style perfectly captured the essence of the evening for my parent's 50th anniversary party. She snapped photos of the location, the decorations, people interacting and highlight moments, all while being as unobtrusive as possible. Plus, she did a mini portrait session with them before the start of the event and we captured some wonderful photos of them together. So glad we have these special memories documented in such a beautiful way. Thank you, Pamela!
Jeanette Oliver
Jeanette Oliver
13:22 24 Jul 19
Pamela is the real deal! We have used her on multiple occasions, always with great success. She is lovely to work with and has a genuine way of eliciting emotion and capturing moments beautifully.
mary beth Miller
mary beth Miller
21:59 24 May 19
Not only is Pam an amazing photographer but she is also a wonderful person! She is so easy to talk to and be around so our family session with her was fun and relaxing. I love all of the images from our session! As a photographer, I never get to be in the photos with my kids so it's so great to actually be IN the photos with my family! She totally captured "us" and our real life and I cannot even put into words how happy this makes me! I’ll treasure these forever! ❤️ Thank you Pam!!"
Alexandra Choquette
Alexandra Choquette
17:38 07 May 19
Pam was one of the best decision my husband and I made for our wedding. Neither of us are super comfortable in front of a camera but she was able to capture the most beautiful shots of us on our day that were so full of joy — I was beyond ecstatic with the end result. Her photos are so full of life and really take you back to how you were feeling on your day. I would recommend her to anyone looking for someone to help keep you calm, cool, and collected on your big day — and make you look great in the process! Thanks Pam!
Rachel W. Goode
Rachel W. Goode
15:48 02 May 19
Pamela photographed our wedding several years ago! I discovered her photos online, and knew immediately that she was the perfect person to share in our special day. Her photos were absolutely gorgeous. She spent the entire day with us and managed to capture moments that I didn't even know existed. I admit--I am not too creative. That was just fine though! Pamela knew how to position both my husband and myself so that our pictures would be just right. I look at one of our engagement photos daily; what a wonderful reminder of a great day. Even though it has been nearly 10 years since we got married, Pamela and her work continue to have my full endorsement.
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